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Moge Tee - Restaurant Commercial Real Estate Experience

MOGE TEE is committed to delivering the fin­est Bubble Tea in America, using only natural and fresh ingredients to deliver new and fashionable drinks that are extremely rich in flavor. Our exclusive formula allows drinks to contain ZERO trans fats and maximize health benefits using only the finest quality teas and fresh cheeses imported from Aus­tralia. This allows for their fragrance to be fresh and more natural, matching with important authentic Uji matcha. MOGE TEE makes each cup of tea with care and no de­tail is overlooked, including the ambiance of each me­ticulously designed location. We are determined to offer our best to our customers and we truly live our motto: “We never compromise the quality of our products”

Areas Targeted: Central Florida        Size Requirements: 1,000-2,000 SF

Current Locations:

China: 300      Australia: 3      Netherlands: 3      Malaysia: 8

US: 7 existing, 15 under construction       US Expansion 2019/2020: 100 stores

For More Information Contact:

Zack McNamara, CCIM 

(Cell) (770)-597-5458    (Office) (407)-426-2300 ext. 104